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'Fringe' - Thank You, Fringe!

'Fringe' - Thank You, Fringe! - Follow up 213 signatures brazilian fans - Grupo 'Fringe Brasil' do Facebook!

We, brazilian fans that participate of the Facebook group ‘Fringe Brasil’, wanna express our thanks to all involved in the production of these five awesome seasons of Fringe.

We know that a high quality show as Fringe is result of collective effort, so, we wanna express our gratitude to the brilliant work done by all producers, actors, writers and other professionals involved in the production of this wonderful series. 

In one of the episodes, Broyles said that “there are people who leave an indelible mark on your soul. An imprint that can never be erased” and it was exactly what ‘Fringe’ did with us and it happened just because of the fantastic team involved in Fringe production.

For five years we followed unbelievable and amazing adventures of exceptional characters, as Walter, Peter, Olivia, Broyles, Nina, Astro, ops, Astrid and, of course, our dear Gene… All of them touched us so much, with their joy, sadness, torment, but also with their jokes and pranks. When they suffered, we suffered and when they were happy, we also were.

Fringe led us to think about the world that we’re building and in the consequences of our actions to the next generations and also led us to increase our knowledge, looking for scientific theories, books and movies cited in the show.

Moreover, due to the series storyline, each episode generated on debate between us and with that, Fringe made a lot of us become friends.

We also were so happy about the fact that the final season expressed respect and gratitude to us, the fandom, that followed it for all these years… The way how Fringe finished clearly shows it. The end of the show was beautiful, exciting and consistent with all the stories shown for these five years. But, of course, the ending led the fans to cry a river.

[We also want to say a big “thank you” to every single Fringie out there. Without all our love and support for the show, we would never get a 5th Season.]

In conclusion, we think the most important thing to say is that Fringe was much more than a simple entertainment show, due to the awesome work of all the people involved in the production of the series, and because of that, Fringe is a part of our lives forever.

Like one of the members of our group said in his comments: Fringe ends on TV, but continues alive on our hearts.

Fringe, we never will let you go. You are our favorite thing forever and we don’t wanna say goodbye, but we wanna say ‘I love you, Fringe.’

Thank you!

Lista de Assinaturas!

1) Ada Maluf
2) Adriana Martini Martins
3) Ágatha Favero
4) Alessandro Arrais
5) Aline Alves
6) Aline Câmara
7) Álvaro Junior
8) Ana Cláudia Chaves
9) Ana Cláudia Zanfolin Lóis
10) Ana Paula Gomes
11) André Arruda
12) Andrei Slobodicov
13) Andresa (SC)
14) Anna Busaranho
15) Anna Farias
16) Anna Kelly
17) Anne Melo
18) Annie Kelly Ribeiro
19) Ariana Dornelas Sander
20) Arthur Torres
21) Barbara Ataíde
22) Beto Mafra
23) Bruna Marconi
24) Bruna Mota
25) Bruno Godoy
26) Bruno Marcatto Maldonado
27) Bruno Nogueira
28) Camila Maria
29) Camila Maria S. Oliveira
30) Camila Vasconcellos
31) Carina Costa
32) Carina de Jesus Fernandes
33) Carlos R. Gomes
34) Carlos Vinícius Barros Sales
35) Carlos Yuri Cardoso Linhares
36) Carol Cavalcante
37) Claudio Junior
38) Clemerson Mendes
39) Cris Agapito
40) Cris Andréa
41) Cristhiane Lins
42) Cristina Henriques
43) Dani Oliveira
44) Daniel Moreira
45) Daniela Albino Ribeiro
46) Daniela Bonfat
47) Danielle Almeida
48) David Sampaio
49) Deivison Oliveira
50) Denise Vieira Martins Costa
51) Diego Coelho dos Santos
52) Diego Oliver
53) Diego Piedade
54) Diôgo Henrique
55) Diva Rocha
56) Duarte Nunes
57) Eduardo Senna
58) Elaine Ghezzi
59) Eliz Mariane
60)Emanuella Chaves
61) Emanuelle Cristina
62) Evelyse Lima
63) Ewerton Luis
64) Everton Noguez
65) Fabiana Gomes
66) Fábio Lins
67) Felipe Henrique Maistro
68) Felippe Moraes
69) Felipe Moura
70) Felipe Moura Couto
71) Fernanda Azevedo
72) Fernanda Kelly
73) Filipe Cabral
74) Filipe Dias
75) Flávia Giuliana
76) Francielly Cordeiro
77) Gabriel Brina
78) Gabriel Neiva
79) Gabriel Rezende Cruz
80) Gabriela Cerutti Zimmermann
81) Gabriela Gondim
82) Gal Spitzer
83) Grazielle Lisboa
84) Geralda Aparecida Dias
85) Grasieli Zanella Zaccaron
86) Gregory Vinicius
87) Guilherme de Alencar Lima
88) Guilherme Max
89) Gustavo Laureano
90) Gustavo Mollica
91) Guto Cotrim
92) Heitor Ferreira
93) Henrique Gabriel Melo Ferreira
94) Hiago Catirsi
95) Hugo Campos
96) Ícaro Silva
97) Igor
98) Inês Sofia
99) Iria Cabral
100) Isabella Ortiz Picazo
101) Itamara Viera Raposo
102) Jaci Menezes
103) Jacob Paes
104) Jadhiel Asaph
105) Jaqueline Castro
106) Jaqueline de Melo
107) Jaqueline Santos da Silva
108) Je Sassone
109) Jefferson Pedro
110) João Guilherme Moreno
111) João Pedro Mello
112) Julia Ibrahim
113) Julia Ortiz
114) Juliany Uchôa
115) Júlio Eduardo
116) Jurandi Neves
117) Juscilene Lira Lhp
118) Kamila Raposo
119) Karol Cavalcante
120) Katiúcia Costa
121) Kelly Rufino
122) Kelson De Castro
123) Klinsmann Diogo C. Bagatini
124) Lais Grass Possebon
125) Larissa Mara
126) Laura Rodriguez Diaz
127) Leonardo Dutra
128) Leonardo Ferreira da Silva
129) Letícia Santos
130) Lilian Severo
131) Luan Cristian Gouveia
132) Lucas Branco
133) Lucas Marques
134) Lucas Silva Arantes
135) Luís Henrique Dias
136) Marcel da Silva
137) Marcio Kenmoti
138) Marcos Dam
139) Marcos Doniseti Vicente
140) Marcos Vinícius da Silva
141) Mari Ferreira
142) Maria Letícia
143) Mariana Knorst Maciel
144) Mariana Krauss
145) Mariela Simão
146) Marília Medeiros
147) Marília Pereira
148) Marinilda Carvalho
149) Marivaldo Tadeu Ribeiro
150) Matheus Rangel
151) Matheus Santana Ribeiro
152) Mauro Henrique Soares
153) Mauro José Vicente
154) Mayara Bernardeli
155) Michelle Mantovani
156) Michelle Santiago
157) Milena Cardoso
158) Mona Arruda
159) Mônica Vanzillotta
160) Murilo Moraes Mourão
161) Naiá Lusvarghi
162) Nara Boechat
163) Natália Dariva
164) Natália Trentini
165) Naty Lopes
166) Nicholas Blanco
167) Paloma Lourenço
168) Patrícia Xavier Leonardo
169) Paula Fernandes
170) Pedro Degli
171) Pedro Henrique
172) Priscila Angelotti Pereira Swaidi
173) Ramon Limma
174) Ranielle Calais
175) Raquel Késsia
176) Rayssa Braga
177) Rebeca Borges
178) Rebeca Rivers
179) Rejane Agapito Barros
180) Renata Lustosa
181) Renato Santos
182) Ricardo Giardina Leite
183) Ricardo Marques
184) Ricardo Mattos
185) Ricardo Santana
186) Rilson Joás
187) Rodrigo Botelho dos Santos
188) Rodrigo José Nunes
189) Rosangela Torres
190) Roseane Sabatini
191) Roseane Souza
192) Sabrina Neves
193) Sandoval Leal
194) Saul Pinheiro
195) Simone Almeida
196) Starbuck Ahab X
197) Stephanir Matwijszyn
198) Suami Macedo
199) Tainá Maier
200) Takashi Kai
201) Tales Augusto
202) Tatiane Ludegards
203) Thaiane Magalhães
204) Thiago Luiz
205) Thiago Mei Chu
206) Tiago Alcântara
207) Tinho Cruz
208) Vanessa Mattos
209) Virgínia Barreira
210) Waleska Cezaretti
211) Walyson Morais
212) Wesley Machado

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